This page contains a brief overview of my writing (including current projects):

Carve Magazine Fall 2012“Starlings” Editor’s Choice Award, (short story) Carve Magazine
This short story, set in the outskirts of Yakima, Washington, provides a snapshot of assumed views of progress and race between a farmer and a corporate lawyer. It’s better than it sounds. I am very proud that it was selected for the “Editor’s Choice Award” and appears in the first print edition of Carve.

Rost_Moth_Cover“Fire: Summer 2015”
 (poem) Rust+Moth
This poem began as a letter describing the confining summer of forest fires in Washington State. It evolved into this small piece.

FictionSoutheast“The Last Story I Cared About”
 (flash) Fiction Southeast
An admittedly unusual flash fiction piece about a writer, two cats, a Nazi dog, and an affair between professors. This piece was honored as a finalist in Fiction Southeast’s Ernest Hemingway Flash Fiction Prize.

 (poem) Heron Tree
Perhaps a love poem. At the very least, a meditation on the (welcome) intrusion of the unexpected.
AETHLON 32.1 WEB-1“The Granger Spartans Have Not Lost Yet” (short story) Aethlon
A complex piece on how one basketball game affects the life of a small town, all unfolding in the small pause as a ball sits on a rim.
Santa Clara Review“Persona Or: All Sanctuaries Smell Like Stockholm” (short story) Santa Clara Review
High school, identity, religion, Swedish films, and winter in Yakima, Washington.
 Pacifica.png“The Photographer” (short story) Pacifica Literary Review
When a family’s most famous member dies (the Photographer), his granddaughter must try to find an image of him.
Mused cover“First Day” (short story) Mused Literary Magazine
I always loved this piece but was never sure it would find a home: a delicate story of a mother’s insecurities and conflicts on a supposedly happy day: her daughter’s first day of school.
April 2015 Edition of Flash journal“Don’t Ask” (flash) Flash: The International Short-short Story Magazine
It’s probably easier to print the story than to describe it. In short, two women convince their families that they (the women) are not heterosexual.
April 2015 Edition of Flash journal “The Host” (flash) The Fictioneer
A moderately wealthy man hides his true talent as a writer. His talent is relatively easy to hide, given that he’s never actually written anything.
Additional Publications:
“Arrivals and Departures” (short story) in DoveTales
“Pedro Gutierrez’s True War Story” (flash) in The Literary Commune
“The Last Shot” (poem) in The Penwood Review
Finalist Ruby Irene Poetry Chapbook Contest, ArcadiaThe Insufficiency of Pillows. 2016.
Finalist Ernest Hemingway Flash Fiction Prize, Fiction Southeast, “The Last Story I Cared About.” 2016.
Editor’s Choice Award, Carve Magazine, “Starlings.” 2012.